Katherine A. Spilde
Tribal Government Gaming Journal
Publication year: 2019

The research and experience of casino operators in jurisdictions around the world suggest char restrictive smok­ing policies have deleterious effects on gaming volumes. However, very few research studies on the social and economic impacts of nonsmoking constraints have been conducted in gaming facil­ities owned by tribal governments. In spire of a relative lack of empirical re­search, informal outreach across tribal casino operations in California reveals chat most tribal casino operators share similar concerns about whet.her nonsmoking constraints hurt gaming volumes. Scarring in 2008, a coalition of public health professionals began working with two tribes in California co establish smoke-free policies ar their casinos. The coalition collected data on air quality and surveyed both patrons and staff at tribal properties. Employees and patrons alike expressed concerns about the risks of regularly breaching secondhand smoke… read more.

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